Overview of Research Projects under  NAZV Grant Scheme Administered by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture

Since the year 2003 we have been engaged, in cooperation with our partners, in competitions for national grants under the grant scheme of NAZV that is administered by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture.

Cooperation on the Project ev. No. QF3018 „Sustainable development of grasslands´ universal functions in the less favourable areas (LFA) based on suitable husbandry and usage by ruminants of such areas with the simultaneous use made of the European model of multifunctinal agriculture”

Project ev. No. QF3051 – “New species of Rhizobium and the use thereof in the process of creation of a red clover genotype with enhanced ability to fix N2”

Project ev. No. 1G46034 – “Introduction of new traits enhancing quality and stability in production of selected clover varieties´ by the methods of hybridization”

Project ev. No. QH71145  – “Diagnostics of viruses and phytoplasma in the breeder´s material of red clover”; CERTIFIED METHODOLOGY (in Czech, ANNOTATION in English):

Certifikovaná metodika

Project ev. No. QI111A019 – “New genomic advances in breeding heterogamous plants aiming at improvement of utility attributes”

Results of Projects Financed by the Mean of 3d Endowments Administered by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture


Závěrečná zpráva projektů (XLS)