1) Trifolium pratense (L.) – red clover (4n)

  • materials bred for enhanced lateness – STAGE OF GENOTYPE
  • materials bred for high seed gain – STAGE OF GENOTYPE
  • materials bred for hardiness – STAGE OF GENOTYPE
  • materials bred for higher fixation of aerial N2 – NOW IN THE STATE TRIALS

2) Trisetum flavescens (L.) P. Beauv.- golden oat grass

  • in literature described as able to with stand harsher conditions
  • bred for the use as a component of meadows and pastures in higher altitudes – STAGE OF GENOTYPE

3) Festulolium of festucoid type (6n)

  • the ground for breeding of hybrids between festucas and loliums is the possiblity to combine favorable qualities of both genera
  • possible use as a part of grazing mixtures
  • possible use as a fuel for biogas stations
  • our breeder´s material is more resistant to Puccinia graminis and to Puccinia coronata Corda – NOW IN THE STATE TRIALS

Our Other Research

Apart from breeding of new varieties of clovers and grasses we also are concerned with assortment of tailored mixtures

Our firm also proudly announce teaming up with the aim of gaining an effective technology for population chips synthesis